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Stamtavla för Boomtown French Connection (Fletcher)



A’Brambledale Black Bob Elan Jim Powell’s Moss Powell's Bob
Blue Fs.13 Bob
Woodland Tilly Woodland Don Stewart's Rocky
Blue Fs.13
Pam Mirk
Brambledale Brianna Butler’s Don Bredon Dan Turnbull's Blue
Bredon Minnie
Tammy Millchap's Laddie
Bredon Minnie
Brambledale Brighde AMCH.CANCH.GBCH. Sammara Standing Ovation Potterdale Encore
Willowmead Simply Super
Brambledale Bright Star GBCH. Willowmead Touch A Star
Brambledale Branwen
Boomtown Caramel NLCH.NORDCH.INTCH. Seagull Foreign Heartbreaker CZCH.SKCH.LUXCH.NLCH.INTCH.GBCH.ACH. Firstprizebears Apache AMCH.CANCH. Windfiddler's Still Cruisin' AMCH Windfiddler's Bound To Be A Star
AMCH.CANCH. Potterdale Prosperity
NLCH.BCH.LUXCH.CZCH.PLCH.INTCH.WW-2000. Firstprizebears Very Brown Firstprizebears Emerson
NLCH.LUXCH.GERCH.VDHCH.INTCH. Firstprizebears Hillary Clinton
Newbourne Seagull In The Sky DKCH.VDHCH. Moonhill First Class Bear GBCH. Hecatie Hellraiser
GBCH. Potterdale Classic Of Moonhill
Newbourne Skye's The Limit AMCH. Britannia Here Comes The Son
Coalacre Obsession
Boomtown Snowball SE UCH Beardmarked’s Celestial Charmer SUCH.NUCH. Breaksea Black Pudding Breaksea Alchemist
Breaksea Billet-Doux
Farmarens Charming Carambola INTCH.NORDCH. Farmarens Black Nightcap Nickolaij
NORDCH.INTCH. Farmarens Penelope Pale Blue
GODK.VALLH.PR. Boomtown Great Sensation LPI. Classic Line's Duke Of Diamonds Potterdale Late Arrival
Moonhill Golden Classic
Farmarens My Xmas Gift SUCH. Diotima Sweet Lord
SUCH. Farmarens Easter Bonnet


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